New Capital Partner: Clearco

We are happy to announce a new capital partner for our clients and colleagues. What initially started as an offering for the Sports Tech Canada project that we are building, we knew that their science driven approach and ability to deploy capital without negatively affecting the cap table would be something that our network would benefit greatly from as well. Clearco is the world’s largest eCommerce investor with over $2B in capital deployed and 4500+ companies funded who leverage their program to grow revenues in marketing driven customer acquisition.

Athletic Venture Advisors clients and colleagues can Sign up today and will receive:

  • A free Business Valuation in under 24 Hours
  • Tailor-made capital offers based on your online performance and needs
  • Access to benchmarking & insights to help you make smart business decisions on where to allocate capital and scale efficiently

Clearco can allocate from $10K to $10M in capital using data science to identify high growth funding opportunities. Funding is deployed in under 24 hours and come with no personal guarantees, equity or credit checks.

Apply today for your Athletic Venture Advisors benefits:

If you have questions about this or any of our investment partners please contact us directly.