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Who we are

We are executives, experts, entrepreneurs, athletes and investors who have spent combined lifetimes in the sports and technology industry. 

What we’ve done

We have navigated the industry with many sucesses and failures in order to provide the best advice and services to our clients and partners.

Who we work with

We work with entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, athletes, agents, managers, investors, sports teams, and leagues. 

What we do

We provide a full range of services based on client and partner needs which are case-by-case or full service consulting. 


“We are experts, executives and entrepreneurs who have navigated the sports industry at all levels. We spend all of our time and efforts on the bleeding edge of sports and sports technology. Let us share our knowledge and opportunities with you.”

Marc Wilson – Founder, Athletic Venture Advisors

Sports Organizations

Working with established companies, startups, and bleeding edge technologies in sports and sports technology gives us a unique perspective on the offerings specific to sports organizations needs at all levels.

As subject matter experts, Athletic Venture Advisors can assist in reviewing, discovering, analyzing, and capitalizing on sports and sports technology investments, solutions, servicing needs on a budget and solving pain points within a sports organization. We also provide tailored services towards risk mitigation, business development, strategic partnerships and  advisory services to be confident your organization has the best solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

Whether it is our own clients and portfolio companies, industry partners and service providers or something specific to your needs and budget we can provide the best options available. 

In some cases, we can provide early access to technology that is not commercialized yet which gives the advantage to those testing the technology out first. 

Example Opportunities:

  • Operations/Management Solutions
  • Bioanalytics & performance software/harware
  • Healthcare Crossover
  • NFT’s
  • AR/VR/Consumer Controlled
  • Livestream/Broadcasts/Media
  • Native Content/Digital media
  • Registration and Intake Form Providers
  • Concussion Protocols and Tools
  • Injury Management
  • Natural Healthcare/Nutrition
  • Health and Welfare Innovation
  • Sports Performance/Training
  • Supplements/Performance/Pharma
  • CBD/Cannibis/Natural Healthcare
  • Injury Prevention
  • and more

Trade Shows and Representation

Our home base is in Canada, with advisors across our country, in the US and international. We have always prided ourselves in representing our partners and clients at discovery and trade show events where it is more cost effective to have Athletic Venture Advisors attend on your behalf. We may already have intentions of attending, and will take your initiatives into consideration when reviewing and meeting with potential opportunities for your organization.

Athlete Engagement

Through out channel partners, clients and network avenues we can assist your athletes in Representation, Contract Negotiations, NIL Engagement, Recruiting and more.

Peer to Peer Review

We spend our waking hours in the sports and sports technology environment and can review opportunities based on competitive market analysis, risk mitigation, product market fit and more.

Investment Optimization

Have a venture arm or want to invest in tech companies that could benefit you and others in sport? We are working with top companies and investors and can allocate shares for organizations as well.

Sports Organizations

Sports Tech is evolving, and our clients need a place to test and prove their worth. 

Our goal from the outset was to provide services to investors and startups who are seeking involvement in the sports and sports technology space. By the nature of that, we also have become well known for the ability to provide access to technology that is at the bleeding edge and need true tests of their solutions. There is a mutually beneficial relationship when we can provide a professional atmosphere to test with a partner who will also benefit from the technology. Some of these arrangements may be at a significant discount or no cost at all.

We often work with clients and companies who are raising capital from a variety of investor types. We lean toward strategic partners, who will not only provide capital, but also opportunity. For this reason, many sports organizations are an ideal investor and we can also move on to find Lead Investors (VC, PE & Institutional), Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals and Angel Investors to make sure the investor group is strong and supported. We feel that a strong, strategic investor provides more value than capital could ever do on it’s own. All of our clients have been properly vetted and have a high potential for success.

Investors of all kinds can join our client opportunities, but more importantly we want to assist our partners in making sure that the companies that they invest in or bring on as vendors are right for them. Our core competency is sports and sports technology, and take pride in knowing what is happening in the industry.


  • SWOT Analysis & Competitive Landscape
  • Valuation and TAM/SAM Analysis
  • Lead or Additional Investor support
  • Peer Review & Risk Evaluation
  • Equity Exchange/NIL opportunities
  • Startup and Technology Expertise.

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The Athletic Venture Advisors team helped us build out some important partners for our long term business development. Their introductions to major players in the US Venture Capital space lead us to rethink our raise and were able to land a Series A investment rather than take a bridge round. We look forward to continuing to work with Marc and his team as we grow.
Mark Bachman – CEO, FlipGive

Startup & Tech Advisory.

With access and a network focused in sports, we are able to provide cost effective value to a sports organization who is in need of a technology solution, efficiency review or any other focused advancement. This could be the addition of a client of ours, or one that was presented or discovered by your team. With industry awareness at an all-time high, it is important that the opportunities are being vetted, analyzed and de-risked as much as possible. Athletic Venture Advisors can be a trusted “on the ground” advisor who has the best interests of the organization and the client  – we likely also have  opportunities that can immediately add value to your team or league through our own clients, partners, network and outreach efforts. 
We have no doubt that amazing opportunities are being brought to on a regular basis. Where Athletic Venture Advisors can help is in the review process and the experience to know what to look in the specifics of the opportunity. Our core competency is in the analysis of startups and SME’s in the sports and sports technology space and will make sure that your investments in technology advancement align with the goals of the organization.
Whether it is reviewing opportunities that have come to you or looking for unique, never before seen opportunities – we are here for you.

We seek and review all types of clients from idea stage to enterprise. 


The ever-changing environment of business has shown that remote and third party consultants can provide great value to  businesses while keeping costs down. Is there a hole that needs to be filled by an expert that is out of your payroll budget? Only needed for a short time? Consultants and Advisors are your best asset.

Advisors and mentors can provide much needed guidance and assistance in your journey. They may be able to open doors that were not available to you, share advice on past successes or failures and ultimately help direct you on your journey. 


We are not Financial Managers or an investment fund. Nor would we ever intend to do so for any of our clients, partners, or representatives. What we consider ourselves experts in, is the investment and strategic partnership side of sports and sports technology. We are actively working within the Pre-Seed to Series B range for clients and investors of all kinds.

Athletic Venture Advisors can assist in the review, analysis and even help locate a lead, additional investors or athletes. This can be for your own ventures, projects under review, or we can provide opportunities from our own network and clients.
This can be offered as a service through your firm for your potential portfolio companies and outsourced to Athletic Venture Advisors or as a strategic partnership.

We review all types of investments as well as equity exchange (NIL). 

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