About Us

About Us

Athletic Venture Advisors is a boutique consulting firm focused on early-stage sports and sports technology companies who are on the cutting edge of the industry. Based out of Ontario, Canada and operating around the globe – we are a team of executives and partners from all areas of the sports space.

Working with startups, entrepreneurs, investors, funds, teams, leagues, and organizations gives us a detailed look at industry trends, investment opportunities, strategic partnerships, and unique offerings for those seeking to be involved in the sports and sports technology industry as investors, ambassadors, operators and more. Our reach and understanding are focused, which give us the ability to provide endless value to our clients and partners while remaining fluid and flexible in our offerings. 

As subject matter experts, Athletic Venture Advisors can assist in reviewing, discovering, analyzing, and capitalizing on sports investment and equity opportunities across the competitive landscape.

Athletic Venture Advisors typically works with clients and investors from Pre-Seed to Series B who are either breaking into the market or at a growth stage.  

Who we are

We are executives, experts, entrepreneurs, athletes and investors who have spent combined lifetimes in the sports and technology industry. 

What we’ve done

We have navigated the industry with many sucesses and failures in order to provide the best advice and services to our clients and partners.

Who we work with

We work with entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, athletes, agents, managers, investors, sports teams, and leagues. 

What we do

We provide a full range of services based on client and partner needs which are case-by-case or full service consulting. 

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“We are experts, executives and entrepreneurs who have navigated the sports industry at all levels. We spend all of our time and efforts on the bleeding edge of sports and sports technology. Let us share our knowledge and opportunities with you.”

Marc Wilson – Founder, Athletic Venture Advisors


Marc Wilson

Founder & Managing Partner
London, Ontario, Canada

Tyler Currie

President & Partner
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tom Casagrande

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dan Greene

Advisor – Military, Law Enforcement, Motorsports
Charlotte, North Carolina

Michael Shewchenko

Advisor – Broadcast, OTT and Digital
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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