Client: Case Study – SportsShare

SportsShare – Come for the education.
Stay for the community.

By offering a highly curated, AI-driven e-learning experience, we believe that the 1B+ youth and recreational sports participants will begin to congregate, engage and share their passion for sports on SportsShare.

1st HERO PROJECT – Sports Tech Canada

Sports Tech Canada is a project that is being developed by some of the members of the Athletic Venture Advisors teams, and we needed to select some high potential startups to helps us launch the project and also curate the stories and success path for others in the sports tech industry in Canada. 
With our history and knowledge of the SportsShare team we selected them as the first “Hero” company to begin Sports Tech Canada. 

Fund Raising Efforts

Community Building

Strategic Partnerships

Client Stage:

We are actively searching for strategic investors and partners to assist with the launch of SportsShare. The founding team have a history of building large scale social communities in the space, and are on pace for rapid growth. 

Interested in investing in a social community of high performance coaching and leadership in sports?

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