Release of Flatballer Series 1 Collection Comprised of “AUDL MoMintz” Video NFTs 

LOS GATOS, CA (June 2, 2021) – The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) announced today the public availability of its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Founded in 2012, the AUDL has amassed a digital library spanning hundreds of exciting games, and these new video-based NFTs represent some of the most iconic plays by legendary AUDL stars. These exciting collectible MoMintz are available at  

NFTs are unique, digital collectibles with blockchain-managed ownership that can include digital art, virtual reality items, video production, and more. NFTs can be sold for a fixed price and can also be auctioned to the highest bidder. In addition, NFTs can be resold by collectors with their authenticity validated using blockchain technology.  

Flatballers Series 1 is the inaugural AUDL MoMintz collection and is now available to the public. This collection consists of 25 unique MoMintz that celebrate some of the greatest AUDL plays ever captured on film. Each individual digital MoMintz in this collection has 20 exact copies that are serialized from one to 20, which means the first collection will have 500 total MoMintz for sale.  

AUDL MoMintz create value for both the ultimate and collector communities in the following ways: 

  • AUDL players grow their brands and share in revenues generated from their names, images and likenesses 
  • Teams earn revenue from the sale and trading of the MoMintz 
  • Collectors can buy and sell their MoMintz to create a unique AUDL portfolio 

“Sixty MoMintz were recently sold to AUDL team owners, investors, and players at a fixed price. This next set of MoMintz will be made available at a fixed price today, and some portion of the remaining MoMintz will be sold in auction style,” says Steve Hall, AUDL Commissioner. “These NFT video MoMintz are a great way for our fans to celebrate the excitement that takes place on the field, and to have their own digital keepsakes for many years to come.” 

The AUDL MoMintz are available on OpenSea, the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace, popular with digital collectors around the world. OpenSea confirms authenticity of ownership using blockchain technology that is exclusively based on Ethereum (ETH). 

To make collecting easier through cryptocurrency, AUDL developed the website to help new buyers navigate the process. The AUDL has also created a MoMintz Buyers Guide that can be downloaded from the site.  

The next 10 AUDL MoMintz will be made available on OpenSea at 9:00 PM EDT on Sunday, June 6, 2021, and will be sold at a fixed price on a first-to-buy basis. Collectors can view the initial AUDL MoMintz with date and purchase prices as well as sign-up to be notified about future announcements at  

The increased growth in the demand for NFTs illustrates its strong popularity. What’s more is that the market for NFTs in 2021 looks to be gaining significant interest and momentum. In the first three months of 2021, the combined market capitalization of renowned NFTs jumped by approximately 1785%.1  

About AUDL and Professional Ultimate 
The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) was founded in 2012 to introduce and showcase our talented athletes and precision play to a global audience. Ultimate is a fast, flowing and highly athletic low-contact sport that is played by advancing a disc down a field to score by passing into the end zone. Players cannot run with the disc and play continues until one team scores.  

With pinpoint passing and the unique flight of the disc, each game generates many exciting catches and defensive plays that frequently appear on EPSN’s Sports Center Top 10, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report and other leading sports shows. 

The league has 22 teams playing in the US and Canada.  Each team competes in a 12-game regular season schedule, with top teams entering a playoff round and divisional winners advancing to a final four style Championship Weekend. Our audience enjoys our exciting, affordable, family friendly events, devour our highlights and video features on social media and watch our full-length games on TV or streamed online at AUDLtv.  



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