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PRIVIT Inc: Sports Tech meets Healthcare

PRIVIT helps organizations become compliant with a secure solution to collect, manage, and process protected health information. Compliant with International privacy laws, PRIVIT was developed to help organizations and individuals solve the universal problem of managing health related information. With a global reach and cloud-based solution – PRIVIT is transforming how people like you and organizations are managing and sharing protected health information.

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PRIVIT had undergone a recent change in business model and brought on a new CEO. As a small team with major upside the goal is to remain in growth patterns and identify new areas of opportunity. Navigating through 2020-2021 despite the environment, PRIVIT has created additional offerings allowing for rapid expansion and also has begun moving into the major professional sports. 

Strategic Partnerships

Business Development

Branding & Marketing

Client Stage:

We have assisted in the rebranding and additional subsidiaries of PRIVIT’s current athlete and non-athlete based businesses. Marketing and business development efforts are ongoing and remain growing in the amateur and professional sports industry. 

PRIVIT is a portfolio company and partner and remains a primary client from a full service offering. Alignment with other clients and partners allows us to us PRIVIT beyond it’s direct market including as a solution to startups requiring a secure intake solution.

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PRIVIT Pro is PRIVIT’s professional grade HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant, secure, no-hassle solution for collecting, storing and managing athlete health information at a professional sports level.

Ready to digitize your athlete intake forms and process? 

Go from paper to PRIVIT.

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