PRIVIT provides the New York Football Giants with its secure platform to digitize player intake information.

PRIVIT, the leader in athletic health information solutions, today announces it has signed an agreement with the New York Football Giants to digitally replicate their paper medical examination and privacy policy form intake process. PRIVIT Pro will allow players to electronically complete, sign and submit their intake paperwork and forms along with any prior medical documentation. Team officials and team medical personnel will now have a tool to automate medical exams and monitor medical conditions.

Client: Case Study – PRIVIT Inc

PRIVIT had undergone a recent change in business model and brought on a new CEO. As a small team with major upside the goal is to remain in growth patterns and identify new areas of opportunity. Navigating through 2020-2021 despite the environment, PRIVIT has created additional offerings allowing for rapid expansion and also has begun moving into the major professional sports.