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Post-Career Investment

Athletic Venture Advisors wants every athlete to continue their pursuits long after their professional career is over. Though we aim to invest in technology that will allow all athletes compete for as long as possible,we are still a long way from extending careers.

Early, Active, Exiting and Retired - We are constantly seeking relevant, risky, successful, high return businesses and opportunities to benefit those within our network. Since a large amount of our "Athletic-Minded" investors are actually athletes, we aim to connect personalities with opportunities. We have a deep understanding of the sports industry, and as most of us are athletes ourselves we know that the best investments are ones that interest us on much deeper levels than just monetary value.

Our goal is to connect Athletes (privately or via their management team) to opportunities that excite them. It may be something we currently are involved in, or seeking a very specific type of company. Even better, we would love to develop a concept and commercialize it for you.

Investing, Buying and M&A in Sport

Though Athletic Ventures does not currently own any Professional Sports Teams or leagues, we do work very closely with many of the top organizations throughout North American. Gradually, our reach across the world is growing as well.

Regardless of the sport, we have developed relationships directly with league offices, officials and brokers to facilitate the purchase, investment or expansion of professional teams in multiple sports. As the landscape of professional sports grows, the opportunities for investment from 5 to 9 figure involvement will also grow.

We pride ourselves in actively seeking, aggressively researching and relentlessly pursing opportunities in sports. With professional sports growing at ever-impressive rates and the introduction of eSports and new ventures we are excited and involved in ever step of the process.

Name your sport and we will find the opportunity to invest. If you are very specific about your team we can facilitate the conversation.

Athletic Venture Fund

In some cases, there is no specific type of business that an athlete, entrepreneur or investor is searching for. Athletic Venture Fund invests in Sports, Healthcare, Fitness and related businesses as well as recommended trading in the industry. Investing in Athletic Venture Funds allows for volume trading in businesses and stocks that are of interest to athletes, their management and teams who support them.

Our long term strategy is to build the largest, most successful fund in our niche. To create an unlimited supply of opportunities for athletic-minded individuals. Our interests are in:

  • Professional Sports Teams/Leagues
  • eSports Teams/Leagues
  • AR/VR/Consumer Controlled
  • Livestream/Broadcasts/Media
  • Native Content/Digital media
  • Sports Management/Agencies
  • Natural Healthcare/Nutrition
  • Health and Welfare Innovation
  • Sports Performance/Training
  • Supplements/Performance/Pharma
  • CBD/Cannibis/Natural Healthcare
  • Pain Relief/Anti-Inflammatory
  • Apparel/Footwear/Sporting Goods
  • and more.

Worry Free Advising

Actively searching? Passively Interested? Looking for the "Best Fit"?

We are flexible in your goals, and can adapt our involvement based on your intentions. Low cost and commitment allows you to utilize our expertise as needed.

Private Investment or Financial Management

We work with athletes who handle their money privately, financial manager who handles athletes money and even managers who oversee the investments of athletes dollars.

We also handle conglomerated dollars from agencies looking to grow their portfolio. Investments or involvement in the Athletic Ventures Fund are all handled professionally, confidentially and are always done with the consent of the group when possible.


Next Steps...

We are pursuing opportunities that are great alignments with Athletes of all kinds. Please submit your plans and exposure levels to make sure we only offer services and opportunities that are a good fit.