HYPE GVA 2.0 – Drafted Clients

With most programs moving to digital platforms for the time being, it’s only natural that it would allow for innovation and the lifting of geographical restrictions to concepts like accelerator programs. Athletic Venture Advisors has worked with HYPE Sports Innovation in the past, but when we hear about the concept behind their second digital accelerator – HYPE GVA 2.0 we knew we had to work more closely with them going forward.

Find interesting startup > Provide Funding and/or Services > Find Potential Customers > GO!

That is not what HYPE Sports Innovations set out to do. In fact, they did what brilliantly should be done in business more often and services providers could take a lesson from it (I know we have). By focusing on a mission of bringing on partners and targeting their pain points as first priority, it allowed the team to then source the startups and small businesses who provided a solution to an already identified problem. Thus creating an immediate need and avenue to customers for those who ultimately got selected to the accelerator program.

Of the thousands of submissions to the program, the selection process was narrowed to those who would provide immediate value to the 30+ partners from 7 different verticals (Clubs & Federations, Media & Broadcasting, ESports & Gaming, Motorsports, Performance & Fitness, Sports Betting and Winter Sports) who were eagerly awaiting solutions to their identified pain points. Of those who were selected are excited to announce the following clients and colleagues who made it through to get the opportunity to work with some of these great partners:

OPINE – Client
– Selected by: Eurovision Sport, Stade Francais Paris, KISWE, Vasco Da Gama, Star TV Network, and more.

The leading social, real-time opinion analytics platform for live events. We deliver a new way to create, display and consume media during the micromoments of an event.

FanSaves – Client & Canadian Company
– Selected By: Minnesota Vikings, Las Vegas Golden Knights, Philadelphia Phillies and more.

Follow your favorite organizations to receive discounts and deals from their affiliate businesses.

HearMeCheer – Former Client, Colleague and Canadian Company

Hear Me Cheer’s proprietary technology provides social audio engineering that enables deeper emotional experiences and connections to 100s of thousands of people at once.

Statement Games – Colleague

About StatementGames Inc. A sports media company and inventors of a casual game that combines traditional elements of Fantasy Sports with Sports betting.

We are exited to see these companies through the program and hope to see them come out the other end with great success and opportunities for growth. We are equally excited to continue to work with HYPE for future programs, support and mentorship of their partners and companies.

By opening up the borders in a digital universe it is great to see companies and colleagues from all areas of the world come together for something that will impact so many individuals. By the problems it solves and for the future that it creates.

We hope to see more of the names and brands that we recognize and support going through this and other programs like it going forward.

This is one of the many opportunities that exist when you open up an industry that – despite it’s size, is actually very small when you start to get to know the people who make it work.

About HYPE: HYPE’s Vision is to impact people’s lives through the power of sports and innovation! When we started the HYPE, we wanted to build more than a sports innovation platform. We saw ourselves doing something greater than building a community that engages startups and corporations. We believe that sports and innovation are the best ways to create a bigger impact in the world that appears to be more divided and alienated than ever.

For more information or an introduction please contact:

Marc Wilson
Founder, Athletic Venture Advisors
Email: marc@athleticventureadvisors.com