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Responsible Athletics: PRIVIT

Ensuring Complete, Accurate, Student Athlete Health Information at The University of Cincinnati

Case Study:

The University of Cincinnati has a total enrollment of 46,244 students. The Bearcats’ athletics program feature over 500 student athletes on 19 varsity teams. Every year UC receives athletes from all over the country – and the world. In order to participate on any of the University’s sports teams, incoming athletes must complete a packet of health information forms each year. Returning athletes must update their packets to show accurate information regarding their physicals and insurance, among other required forms to meet compliance requirements.

The Problem

A few years ago, collecting all these required packets and information proved to be a difficult task. UC’s medical staff had to make an attempt to send packets out to players as they were coming in and hope they would fill it out before arriving on campus. This presented the challenge to the athletic staff to have to track down students who were missing forms, or other important information. Sometimes the student athletes would return their required paperwork and sometimes they would not. Having the athletic staff track down missing health information and incomplete packets was becoming an increasingly difficult and tedious process. “The process was cumbersome, but it was the best available at the time,” said Aaron Himmler (AT, MS), UC’s Assistant AD for Sports Medicine and Football Head Athletic Trainer. Then Aaron heard about PRIVIT, “PRIVIT was available right when we [the athletic staff] were about fed up with our current process.” He decided to contact Stanford University about how they were implementing PRIVIT at their school.

The Solution

PRIVIT offered a technology that completely eliminated paper as the method for collecting sensitive student athlete health information. The athletic department staff no longer had to chase down incomplete forms and information. UC recently finished its fourth year of utilizing PRIVIT’s secure technology.

“I can’t image going back to the paper route, all the steps included in that process and then getting incomplete information and not knowing that until they [student athletes] get here to campus. There are 100 to 150 brand new athletes coming in every year so going back to paper means being unsure of information you are getting and not sure you will get it. Not a good situation. Now the time it takes to remind athletes of any missing information is minimal. It eliminates having to individually call athletes to complete missing information.” – Aaron Himmler (AT, MS), Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer, University of Cincinnati.

The decision to make the change was made and the athletic staff decided to go all in with the new method that PRIVIT provided. The learning curve was short, and they have now reached a point where using the platform is second nature.

Right after an incoming football player sends a letter of intent they receive an email to begin the process of completing their required health information through PRIVIT’s user-friendly advanced mobile technology. By the time the athletes arrive on campus for their incoming physicals the athletic staff has all their information and it has been accessible for some time. This process has become a necessity for the sports program administrators. The department says the quality of information they are receiving has improved significantly.

More Complete and Accurate Information and Reduced Workload for Staff

Aaron says continuing to implement PRIVIT technology is a no-brainer:

“Anything that can give us better, more accurate information on our student athletes I am on board with – because ultimately that is a factor in being able to provide better healthcare,” Himmler says. Being able to collect more accurate, complete and secure health information is critical to the mission of their sports department. “If we can make that process more efficient and less work for the department why wouldn’t you do that? If you can make your life easier and get even better information, then why not?” Since implementing PRIVIT technology the University of Cincinnati’s trainers and athletic staff can review athlete’s health information before they arrive on campus and have the best information available to them.

Another feature Himmler says is invaluable is provided to the students themselves. When students have completed their time at UC, they leave with an accurate medical snapshot available to them to take anywhere they need – whether that is transferring or moving on to the next level or the pros. “A lot of athletes don’t have a good grasp of their medical history. They get shots when they’re younger but don’t remember what for. PRIVIT’s ability to integrate with EMRs [Electronic Medical Records] is great. Transition from one platform to another and being able to share that information is pretty interesting and helpful. Ability to have athletes give information to us through PRIVIT and then we [UC] can transfer to EMR is amazing. Gives a highly detailed medical history and it’s unreal.”

A newer feature being utilized at UC is requiring insurance information for each student athlete to be put in the system. This information has proven to be extremely helpful for the athletic department’s staff. Aaron says the department’s experience with PRIVIT has been easy to use and adaptable to their changing needs. For example, the department is looking into utilizing the welcome video feature to create education pieces that student athletes are required to complete in order to be eligible to play. He calls PRIVIT a “one-stop shop for all pertinent information: physical, immunization, insurance card.”

Suburban Chicago VC Firm Raises $40M to Invest in Sports Tech

Chicago is undeniably a sports town. But it’s also a sports-tech town, as it’s home to major sports technology companies like STATS, Zebra Technologies and Vivid Seats. Chicago is also home to Sportvision, a graphics company best known for inventing the yellow first down marker in football broadcasts.

To invest in the burgeoning sports-tech scene in Chicago and around the country, VC fund KB Partners announced Monday that it raised a $40 million fund to invest in early-stage startups.

The Highland Park-based firm, calling its new fund the KB Partners Myriad Opportunity Fund, will invest in connected fitness, health and wellness tech, as well as e-sports, fantasy sports and sports betting, a sector that is expected to grow considerably now that sports betting is legal in Illinois. KB Partners said it plans to lead or co-lead Seed and Series A rounds for sports tech startups through the new fund.

The firm, founded in 1996, is led by Keith Bank, Steve Ahern and Lance Dietz. The Myriad Opportunity is the firm’s latest fund. Previously, KB Partners has invested in successfully exited startups, such as Club Champion, Buddy Media and Exacq.

So far, KB Partners has invested in the following sports-tech companies from around the country:

  • ANGLR: A Pittsburgh-based company that has developed a hardware- and-software powered fishing intelligence network to help avid anglers optimize their time on the water
  • Asensei: A San Francisco-based company focused on disrupting how people train and practice via a virtual AI- enabled “connected coaching” platform
  • Hammerhead: A New York City-based company focused on revolutionizing how cyclists navigate, train, and connect via a revolutionary hardware and software platform
  • StreamLayer: A Chicago-based software company that seeks to change how video content is consumed and monetized
  • Upcomer: An LA-based company that provides an e-sports community and content platform to keep fans and participants updated and engaged
  • Workforce Athletics: A San Francisco-based corporate wellness and culture company that is building a highly curated and centralized platform for team sports participation and engagement in the workplace
  • XY Gaming: A San Francisco-based e-sports infrastructure company utilizing its proprietary technology platform to redefine how gamers compete

SOURCE: AmericanINNO – Chicaco
LINK: https://www.americaninno.com/chicago/inno-news-chicago/suburban-vc-firm-raises-40m-to-invest-in-sports-tech/

GuardLab Announces A New Mouthguard Collaboration with Bauer

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — GuardLab® Inc., a New York-based innovative sports technology brand, utilizing 3D scanning technology and 3D printing to create the most accurate fitting mouthguards in the market, announced today they are collaborating with leading hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer® Hockey to supply a new line of Bauer APEX™ and APEX™ Lite Mouthguards, a product of GuardLab, available this September.   


The APEX™ and APEX™ Lite Mouthguards, created exclusively for Bauer Hockey by GuardLab, feature a patent-pending, award winning design developed through GuardLab’s extensive research and experience with 3D images taken from thousands of real athletes.  The APEX™ guards are designed to closely replicate the look, feel and fit of GuardLab’s custom-fitted mouthguards, including ergonomically tapered top edges, plus a pre-indented bite pattern that guarantees a precise fit.   

“Bauer Hockey believes that all athletes – especially hockey players – should always wear a mouthguard, even if not mandated by their teams or leagues, to protect their teeth and minimize injuries. Bauer looked at several alternatives, concluding that GuardLab produces the best, most comfortable and form-fitting mouthguards,” said Ed Kinnaly, CEO of Bauer Hockey.  “We believe GuardLab mouthguards are unlike any other product on the market – the innovation, comfort and 3D technology blends well with our brand vision.  We are excited to launch our new line of APEX™ mouthguards in retail stores and to utilize GuardLab’s 3D digital scanning technology to fit our Bauer Athletes and select teams with GuardLab’s custom-fitted neuromuscular ARC™ PRO mouthguards.”   

The product launches in select stores across the United States and Canada in various colors, sizes and helmet tether options. With two levels of comfort, the Bauer APEX™ Lite Guard (at 2.5mm) is one of the thinnest and most comfortable new guards on the market.  Local hockey teams can get their team logos on exclusive editions of Bauer APEX™ Guards in certain locations.

“We are thrilled to team with Bauer, a world-class brand synonymous with high quality, performance and protection.  Our patented mouthguards are the perfect addition to Bauer’s hockey equipment line. It’s a privilege to collaborate with them to better serve the hockey community,” said GuardLab’s Chairman, Tefft Smith.  

Visit GuardLab.com for more information and a list of Bauer retailers.

About GuardLab, Inc.  

GuardLab is a sports technology company changing the way athletes protect their teeth, using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. GuardLab has clients across all major professional and collegiate sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLL and NCAA; such as multi-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, current NBA Champion Toronto Raptors, UNC Men’s Basketball, NY Islanders, LA Kings, Philadelphia Eagles, Tennessee Titans, Toronto Blue Jays and more.  GuardLab is 100% Made in the USA, using dental grade quality and toxic free materials.  

About Bauer Hockey  

Bauer Hockey is the world’s most recognized designer, marketer and manufacturer of hockey equipment. Founded in Kitchener, Ontario in 1927, Bauer Hockey developed the first skate with a blade attached to a boot, forever changing the game of hockey. Since then, Bauer Hockey has continued to develop the most sought-after products in the industry, including the widely successful SUPREME®, VAPOR® and NEXUS® lines of products. 

SOURCE: Guardlab.com
Link: https://guardlab.com/blogs/news/bauer-hockey-launches-new-mouthguard-line-with-guardlab

New Client Intake

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Marc Wilson, Founder of Athletic Venture Advisors

As the company develops new services, partnerships and clients there is a need for partners who operate at various levels of investment in the industry as well as advisors to grow the network of funds and opportunities.

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About Athletic Venture Advisors:

Founded in 2018, AVA was created by entrepreneurs who navigated the sports industry, that wanted to make sure that opportunities that further the growth of the industry are seen and supported. AVA boasts a network of Entrepreneurs, Advisors, Funds, Investors, Athletes and Industry Experts who have the resources and networks so cultivate investment and strategic partnership opportunities in sports and sports technology.

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NEW YORK, Feb 14, 2019 — GuardLab® a New York – based custom mouthguard company specializing in 3D technology and 3D printing announces today a new Hockey Brand Ambassador, NHL forward James van Riemsdyk of the Philadelphia Flyers. Van Riemsdyk joins a diverse and talented spec trum of passionate and dedicated athletes, who believe in the quality of GuardLab products and our modern technology to improve the way athletes protect their teeth.

GuardLab uses 3D technology, powered by 3Shape, to make the most accurate fitting mouth guards, coupled with a proprietary Alignment Repositioning Cushion (ARC™Technology) that can help to increase oxygenation, reduce TMJ tension and stabilize the head, neck and jaw muscles during training and competition.

The American – born hockey player, a lso known as JVR , grew up in Middletown, NJ and experienced an orofacial injury early in his career while playing minor hockey. Since that time, and for several years since, Van Riemsdyk has been wearing a lime green dentist – made custom mouthguard to prote ct his teeth, trying out different custom guards from his dentists. Custom fit mouthguards offer the best in protection, however, the styles and thicknesses can vary from dentist to dentist and traditional putty impressions are required for every new guard .

After getting 3D scanned for an ARC – PRO Guard in 2018, van Riemsdyk was surprised by the ease, comfort, and accuracy of 3Shape TRIOS and the soft, thinner protective mouthguard made by GuardLab.

“I first got scanned for my GuardLab mouthpiece this past summer and the process couldn’t have been easier. It only took about ten minutes to do the 3D scan, so you don’t have to deal with the messy putty, clearly the technology is way better. I feel like that [process] allowed for a better fit, and now I find that my mouthguard is in my mouth more often than hanging out of the side of it. Not only was the process way easier, but the product is way better than what I’ve had in the past” said NHL forward, James van Riemsdyk .

Without major changes to his teeth, the same digital impression can be used to make as many mouthguards as JVR needs, sent directly to the athlete or organization in a matter of days. What was once a common site to see van Riemsdyk chewing his lime green mouthguard, may now become a thing of the past with GuardLab.​

Van Riemsdyk’s career includes over 650 NHL games played with the Philadelphia Flyers (2009 – 2012 and 2018 – to present) and the Toronto Maple Leafs (2012 – 2017). JVR is an exciting Hockey Brand Ambassador for GuardLab, as an active goal scorer with over 216 goals and 205 assists to – date, and counting.

About GuardLab, Inc.

GuardLab is a sports technology company changing the way you protect your teeth. We use 3D technology and 3D printing to create premium products that are accurate and comfortable, while being the most scientifically advanced – all at a fraction of what you would pay at the dentist, and available from the comfort of your home. GuardLab has partners and clients across all major professional and collegiate sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, MLL and NCAA – including the multi – time and current Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, the NCAA National Champion UNC Men’s Basketball, as well as the Vancouver Giants, Syracuse Crunch, Philadelphia Eagles, Tennessee Titans, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Raptors, Denver Nuggets, AFL League and many more.

To learn more about GuardLab’s Dental Network or to find a 3D Scan Location near you, visit guardlab.com

Follow GuardLab on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @guardlab

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Combat gear maker Hayabusa secures financing from BDC

BDC Capital has provided undisclosed mezzanine financing to Hayabusa, a Kingston, Ontario-based designer and maker of equipment and apparel for boxing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and other combat sports.

BDC made the investment through its growth and transition capital group.

Founded in 2006, Hayabusa’s products are used by both fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Last year, the company moved to a primarily direct-to-consumer sales model through its online store.

Hayabusa will use the funds raised for working capital, with a focus on producing inventory required to ramp up sales in the fitness training market.


Combat Equipment and Apparel Maker Hayabusa Secures Mezzanine Financing From BDC Capital

Ottawa, January 28, 2019 – BDC Capital’s Growth and Transition Capital division has provided mezzanine financing to Hayabusa of Kingston, Ontario. Founded in 2006, Hayabusa designs and manufactures high-quality equipment and apparel for boxing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and other combat sports. Its products, which are recognized as some of the safest in the world, are used by fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike.

BDC Capital’s financing will serve as working capital to support Hayabusa’s growth as it aims to take advantage of the increasing popularity of combat sports as a form of fitness training among the general public. The company will principally use the funds to produce the inventory required to ramp up sales in that segment.

BDC Capital’s lead on this deal was Laura-Lee Brenneman, Director, Growth & Transition Capital, Ottawa. “We’re impressed by the energy and passion of Hayabusa’s management team and by its drive to create some of the safest and most innovative products in this space,” says Brenneman. “Last year, the company pivoted to a primarily direct-to-consumer sales model via the company’s own online store, which led to its highest yearly revenues yet.”

“BDC Capital understands the needs and challenges that face companies such as ours in a rapidly changing retail environment,” says Craig Clement, Hayabusa’s Co-president and CFO. “They treat their clients as true partners and help them succeed by truly recognizing their potential and working alongside them to realize it.”

About Hayabusa
Hayabusa (pronounced hi-ya-boo-sa) is highly regarded as the gold standard in combat equipment and apparel. Hayabusa possesses a relentless commitment and passion to produce only the highest calibre products in terms of both safety and performance, to help inspire athletes in their journey to becoming better, healthier and stronger.

About BDC Capital
BDC Capital is the investment arm of BDC- Canada’s only bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs. With $3 billion under management, BDC Capital serves as a strategic partner to the country’s most innovative firms. It offers a full spectrum of risk capital, from seed investments to transition capital, supporting Canadian entrepreneurs who wish to scale their businesses into global champions. Visit bdc.ca/capital.


BDC Capital
Joanne Lajeunesse
Media Relations, BDC Capital

Craig Clement, CPA CA
Co-President, CFO
1-888-776-1662, ext. 401


URL: https://www.pehub.com/canada/2019/01/combat-gear-maker-hayabusa-secures-financing-from-bdc/

We’re Helping WNBA Star Skylar Diggins-Smith Fight for Fair Pay

A few months ago, Wealthsimple helped Diggins-Smith tell her story about pay inequality in professional sports. Now we’re standing with her again.

It’s not just the size of the contract.

That’s one of the things people don’t understand about the disparity between the NBA and the WNBA. Earlier this summer Skylar Diggins-Smith spoke out about the pay gap in our Money Diary. “I’m at a loss for words sometimes, talking about this,” she said. “I always wonder: If I have a son and I have a daughter, what do I tell them? What do I tell my daughter if it’s her dream to play in the WNBA?” And the conversation went viral. Places like YahooBleacher Report and SB Nation picked up the conversation. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, met with her to help find a better financial path forward.

But Diggins-Smith didn’t just mean that she — a four-time WNBA all-star — gets paid less than a guy who rides the bench in the NBA. She was also talking about the share of revenue players get. In the NBA, the players receive 50% of every dollar earned. In the WBNA, that figure is in the 20s. And more importantly, she was talking about the ways in which the WNBA, which was founded in 1996, isn’t given the same chance to succeed as the NBA, which has been around for decades longer: the highlights aren’t shown on sports channels so the public knows less, which means the networks don’t broadcast as many games, which means less money to cover operating costs. She was talking about a structural inequality.

We learned something from the conversation, too. If we really believe it when we say that we want to give every person — no matter who you are or what you look like — the ability to gain financial freedom), then we should be part of the income inequality conversation, too. So we decided to make a commercial with Diggins-Smith: it’s about how different your financial life is if you’re one of the best female basketball players in the world instead of one of the best male basketball players.

And we also had her tell us her life story — give it a watch, it’s awfully compelling.

And then, of course, we paid her for it. That’s how endorsements work. But we didn’t did just hand over the money — giving someone a chunk of cash without some good old-fashioned long-term planning is in violation of everything we believe. Instead we gave her the same deal we gave top-ten NBA rookie, Mikal Bridges: a $50,000 investment in a personalized, diversified portfolio. The same kind of portfolio every Wealthsimple client has access to. The kind that helps a woman plan for the future, whatever it may be.

Why did we do it that way? Because there isn’t just an income gap. There’s a wealth gap, and it’s an even bigger problem. Investing is one important way to close that wealth gap. That $50,000, if history is our guide, could be worth more than $350,000 in 30 years.* Though, like all our clients, we hope she won’t just invest that first chunk but will contribute to that account regularly — investing early, and on a schedule, is the best recipe for making your money work harder.

We hope, in the future, we’ll invest in the future of their daughters, just like Skylar Diggins-Smith is doing. And that by providing a platform for Diggins-Smith to speak up, professional basketball will take notice of the need for a more equal tomorrow.

*For this projection, we’ve assumed a US Growth portfolio will grow at 6.4% net of fees. To learn more about our projections — and to learn about how much your investments could turn into — check out the interactive graph here.

SOURCE: Wealthsimple

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Instant Sponsor’s New Business Model Will Revolutionize the $66 Billion Sponsorship Industry

Instant Sponsor is set to democratize the sponsorship industry by creating a marketplace connecting sponsors and rights holders

LOS ANGELES, July 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Instant Sponsor‘s business model is about to receive a facelift. The once independent sports sponsorship agency is set to disrupt the $66-billion sponsorship industry with a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform that connects brands with rights holders across sports, esports, and entertainment.

Between 5-50 percent of a professional sports team’s sponsorship inventory goes unsold each season, resulting in billions of dollars of lost revenue across the industry. At the same time, player costs continue to rise, forcing teams to put an emphasis on selling sponsorship inventory. Instant Sponsor lowers the barrier of entry for brands to buy that unsold inventory on short-term contracts, while rights holders reap the benefit of additional income that would typically be lost.

Traditionally, the process for brands to secure a sponsorship deal with just one team can take up to five months including due diligence and contract negotiations. Instant Sponsor automates and standardizes the acquisition process with the help of smart contracts, reducing it to just under five hours.

Additionally, the platform allows brands to access sponsorship opportunities in real time. Instant Sponsor has previously delivered short-term sponsorship deals to teams and athletes just hours before a tournament or game commences. This process will now be expedited on a blockchain-powered peer-to-peer network.

Instant Sponsor’s first-of-its-kind global sponsorship marketplace is set to democratize the sponsorship industry by providing access, value, and efficiency. A proprietary algorithm calculates a brand’s target market, demographics, and budget to create a customized advertising campaign made up of diverse assets across multiple sports. The algorithm used to generate these results is guaranteed to deliver maximum ROI for the sponsor.

Sponsors can transact on the platform both in fiat or native Instant Sponsor cryptocurrency. A blockchain management platform allows smart contracting, reduced transaction fees, escrow and secure international payments.

Previously, Instant Sponsor has sourced sponsors for teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB), the Australian Rules Football league, Australian Football League (AFL), and multiple athletes from the PGA and European Golf Tours as well as the ATP and WTA Tennis Tours. 

Media Contact:

Mike Murphy
Phone: 484.784.8172
Email: Mike@instantsponsor.com

SOURCE: Yahoo! Finance

URL: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/instant-sponsors-business-model-revolutionize-154900923.html