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Fund Directors

Fund Directors

Media & Press Releases

As leaders in the Industry, we pride ourselves in the network, colleagues and reach that we can create to release news, media and press releases to a targeted group of individuals and businesses. This includes, but is not limited too:

  • Social Media
  • PR Agencies
  • Sports Marketing Agencies
  • Management Agencies
  • Professional Athletes
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Industry Experts
  • SEO Targeting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Investors
  • Agents
  • Brokers

Third Party Analysis

Our bread and butter lies in our ability to objectively analyze, research and assist in the process of investing, purchasing and acquiring new business. As consultants, not brokers we are flexible, intelligent and not seeking our own interests in deals. We are your on-call experts who are in touch with the best businesses in the industry.

  • Third Party Advice
  • Affordable Expertise
  • Flexible Fees
  • Low Costs
  • No payroll expense
  • Relentless Research
  • Business Development
  • Endless Opportunites

Business Development

Athletic Venture Advisors are on the ground, in talks with companies from inception to exit. Our business model is based in Seed and Round 1 investment, but we also know from experience that opportunities lie in all types of Investment, Funding, M&A and beyond. Constantly seeking new opportunities in the industry allows us the opportunity to see all types of businesses and scenarios. From Startups to successful companies who are quietly raising.

Please contact us to discuss further, as these opportunities are your ongoing deal flow.


Why Advisors?

Advisors offer an outsiders perspective that can provide an honest, unbiased opinion on an opportunity that may already be a part of internal discussions. These opportunities may be those who are close to contract or those who need affordable, expertise in order to move up the ladder.

The flexibility and affordability is a great compliment to your internal staff, while giving you the opportunity to get an expert opinion in an industry that is ever changing.

Why Athletic Venture Advisors?

We are experts in the industry and by focusing on our Funding partners such as yourself, we unintentionally have developed an ongoing network of startups, small businesses and corporations seeking funding. Our goal is to support the athletic/health-minded funds around the world, and because of that we are always in high demand for those athletic/health-minded entrepreneurs.


Next Steps...

Please submit your company/fund profile to make sure we only offer services and opportunities that are a fit for your business.